XXL Cazo Stainless Steel 29" Inch Caso para Carnitas Heavy Duty Wok Acero NEW

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XXL Cazo Stainless Steel 29"Inch Caso para Carnitas Heavy Duty Wok Acero NEW 
Brush Finished Stainless Steel Construction (Brushed finish is a rougher unpolished finish of the bare metal where brush marks are visible and minor imperfections are normal) Designed for outside use with portable gas stove, but usable on a variety of cooking equipment.
This Caso (Cazo) is perfect for many outside cooking tasks like Chicharrones, Mojarras,Carnitas, Fried Pork or Goulash) 
Top Outside Diameter 29",
Handle to Handle 37" 
Bottom Surface Circle 15"
Height 12", 
Net Weight: 13 Lbs