XL Cazo 24" Para Carnitas Cobre 100% Hand Hammered SET with Burner & Stand Outdoors Cooking Made in Mexico

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  • Cazo Set With High Pressure Burner and Heavy Duty Stand ,Pots are part of our heavy duty cookware line. It is easy to cook healthfully with cazo and food retains full of nutrients and flavor. Made of high quality Copper and they evenly heat up and are built to last. Best taste and a must have for every kitchen.
  • Double Brass Valves for Separate Inner and Outer Burner Control. Separate Oxygen Ratio Adjusters to Avoid Tarnishing your pots.
  • Outdoors Cooking Stainless Steel Woks,traditional made in Mexico for generations.
  • This Stainless Steel Cazo provide you with everything you need to tackle the cooking experience.
  • This Set includes: 1-High Pressure Burner,XL Stainless Steel Cazo 24.5"W x 12.5"H x 16.5"Bottom  ,Heavy Duty Metal 19"H Stand,Propane Gas Hose w/ Regulator.