Wood Mixing Stirring Paddle 36" Pala Heavy Duty Commercial Cazo Carnitas

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  • A must-have in any commercial kitchen, the Wood Stirring Paddle 48" is a versatile tool which is great for dough mixing and stirring soups and stews in large stock pots,cazos and more. This mixing paddle features a wide frame with a straight front edge which ensures that the bottom of the pot is well-stirred.
  • Designed with a long handle and a natural wood construction, this stirring paddle keeps your hands away from the heat source and is resistant to cracking and splintering even with heavy duty use.
  • This utensil is designed with a wide blade and tapered edge which keeps the bottom of the pot well-stirred while its long handle keeps your hands away from heat.
  • Crafted from natural-colored wood, this smooth sanded mixing paddle will withstand heavy duty use without cracking or splintering.
  • Dimensions : 36" long 28"x1 3/4" Handle with 8"x4" wide bottom tapered blade ,Perfect for general mixing and stirring, Wood Mixing Paddle 36" is a handy kitchen tool.