Water Pan Electric Black Polypropylene Commercial Restaurant Heavy Duty Chafer Chaffing Steam Table Food Warmer Tray

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This Full Size Commercial Electric Chafer Water Pan is made perfect to keep food at just the right temperatures while eliminating the expense and hassle of chafer fuel. This pan can be used together with a full-size metal chafer frame or it can stand independently. It is constructed from highly durable polypropylene which makes it tough enough to handle heavy consistent use in busy day to day Food and Restaurant establishments. This chafer water pan features a stainless steel electric base to heat the food and it has a thermostat dial so you can adjust the temperature. This pan is great for use at buffets, catered events and hotels. Use this versatile 120V warmer water pan with your favorite full size stand or as a freestanding unit. Its durable construction is designed for commercial use, and adds ease to your chafer service set up. With the flip of a switch and turn of a knob you are ready to serve guests. This method eliminates the expense of chafer fuel cartridges, and any hazards that are a byproduct of open flame. Just add in water according to the instructions and adjust the temperature. The pan's built-in feet ensure that your counter top is protected from any scratching. It measures Approx. 22” x 14” x 6” and features 900-Watt.120 V AC 60HZ. It had an Adjustable Thermostat and is made of Durable Polypropylene Construction.