Tortilla Warmer Tortillero de Mimbre/ Wicker Tortilla Warmer with inner styrofoam

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  • Perfect for Tortillas, Flat Bread, Pita, Bread, Naan, Arepas, Pancakes and more.
  • Tortilla Warmer with inner styrofoam - Wickerwork is a flexible plant branch or twig, as of a willow, used in weaving baskets or furniture,The lid of the Wicker Tortilla Warmer is decorated with a beautiful flower and petals design.
  • Choosing a tortilla warmer is just like choosing any other piece of equipment for your kitchen.
  • No matter what your style or budget They make a wonderful addition to your Kitchen or restaurants as an authentic tortilla server.
  • Beautifully designed and Hand Made by Mexican Artesians for an original look.