Tortilla Warmer 10” Microwavable Fabric 2 Sided Mexican Red Peppers and Cactus I

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This Tortilla Warmer is made with with durable BPA free materials for your health conscious home and kitchen! GUARANTEED to Keep Tortillas fresh and warm for over 1 hour, you can use it along with your tortilla press and griddle. It’s also excellent alongside outdoor camping cookware as well! It.s ideal size of 10" helps you fit up to 12 Tortillas at a time. The internal Polyester Insulator helps regulate the release of heat. Corn, Flour, and any other kind of tortillas, pancake, pita, wrap, waffle, naan, toast, arepa, chapati, roti, paratha or flat bread you like are able to be used with your Fabric Tortilla Pouch. It makes for a great decoration for Mexican Fiestas and Taco Tuesday! It comes two-sided with a festive Mexican red pepper on one side and cacti on the other. Your Tortilla Oven warmer has a Soft Cloth thermal Layer insulating Anything that you Place Inside. Do not place in conventional oven, strictly microwave use only. No stove required, so it’s ideal to use it at work, school dorms, boats, RV's, etc. Pretty much anywhere with a microwave. Tortilla Warmer measures 10” and perfect for all home and/or outdoor cooking necessities.