Tortilla Press 7.5" Inch Heavy Cast Iron Tortilla Maker Authentic Tortillas Estrella

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  • The 7.5 inch is the traditional size press for authentic Mexican corn tortillas. This quality heavy-duty cast iron tortilla press or tortilladora is perfect for making your favorite corn or flour tortillas. It is heavy and sturdy allowing for easy handling when pressing.
  • This is the best quality tortilla press from Mexico and a favorite of many U.S. Mexican restaurants.
  • This is an excellent quality press--the best on the market. This press has a very smooth heavy coating to protect the cast iron from rust. 7.5" Made in Mexico.
  • Small rounds of corn masa (dough) are inserted between the two plates and with one simple press... a fresh tortilla is made!
  • This includes: 1- 7.5" Tortilla Material: Cast Iron Weight : 7 pounds Made in Mexico.