Tortilla Press 11” Pine Wood Tortilladora de Madera Big Tortilla Press Heavy Duty Traditional

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This Traditional Tortilla press is made out of beautiful Hard Pine Wood, it makes a perfect decoration piece, and is very easy to clean being that it doesn't absorb or stain like other wood presses. This Press will allow you to flatten balls of dough into thin larger tortillas, excellent for larger sized fresh Corn Tortillas. Made from solid hard wood, it's hard and long lasting giving tortillas the most traditional taste. Wether you enjoy preparing and making tortillas or not, the press will make a wonderful conversation starter/ display piece in your kitchen. Perfect especially for Corn tortillas, which are easy to make at home, especially if you use a tortilla press (instead of a rolling pin) to flatten the balls of masa, or dough, into disks. This press is made from high quality Pinewoods that give it a unique character and durability. Wood, color and grain patterns may vary slightly with each press. The press has been treated with several coats of food grade mineral oils and beeswax. This durable and long-lasting Tortilla Press is available in the large size of (approx. 11" W x 11" H) with a 13” handle. This is a truly well designed piece of kitchen equipment made out of durable and long lasting materials. Avoid hassle, save time, and save money and order yours today! Enjoy your beautifully made and delicious fresh Home-made Corn Tortillas with every use!