Tortilla Press 10 " Heavy Duty Iron Restaurant Commercial Authentic Mexican

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Tortilla Press 10" Heavy Duty Iron Restaurant Commercial  Authentic Mexican 

This is a heavy duty tortilla press in which you will be able to make fresh homemade tortillas.

Flatten out the dough easily by just grabbing the handle to add pressure.

The tortilla press is made out of iron to last forever.

This is also an essential high quality Restaurant equipment or a Home essential Tool to make your Traditional homemade Tortillas.

Make tortillas the delicious, authentic way with This 10" Iron Tortilla Press. 
Crafted from long-lasting cast Iron guaranteed to endure, This Heavy Duty Restaurant Commercial Tortilla Press ensures perfectly round griddle-ready tortillas every time, quickly and efficiently.
 Naturally non-stick, this tortilla press is easy to clean as well as easy to use.
10'' Inch flat surface for beautifully round tortillas!
Traditional and durable design
Great for use on flour and corn tortillas as well
Made of long lasting and durable Heavy Duty Iron.
Dimensions: 10"L x 10" W x 10" H
Weight: 10.2 lbs
Made in Mexico