Tongs 16" Inches Stainless Steel long Grill Grilling Heavy BBQ Kitchen Tong NEW

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Tong 16-Inch Stainless Steel long Barbecue Grilling Tong, BBQ Kitchen Tong NEW
These 16" tongs were a top pick in Cook's Illustrated magazine "Comfortable, lightweight, and sturdy, these passed every test with top marks". A simple tool in a great design, the Good Grips 16 inch Locking Kitchen Tongs are the best tongs you've ever had your hands on. The 16 inch Locking Tongs are constructed of stainless steel for a sturdy device that is ready to help you flip your steaks, corn cobs or asparagus stalks. The tongs have non-slip handles and thumb rests for a comfortable grip and good hold. The tongs lock shut for easy storage and have a loop hole at the end for hanging display. The Good Grips 16 inch Locking Kitchen Tongs help you get a grip in the kitchen and prepare every dish perfectly.
High Quality stainless steel 
Secure plastic-rubber grip handle, grooved thumb rest
Locking mechanism for storage and loop for optional hanging storage
Keeps hands at a safe distance during grilling
DIMENSIONS: Length - 16 Inches, Width - 1½ Inches, Length (prong head) - 3 Inches