Taco(s) Holder Stainless Steel 9” Restaurant Commercial 2-3 Slot Mexican Taco Serving Display Rack ((2) Taco Holders)

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This Stainless Steel Mexican Taco Holder/Stand holds up to 2-3 tacos each when easily flipped over for additional slots providing enough space for up to 3 Tacos at a time. It’s Multi-use platform not only used for tacos…works great for holding soft shell, hard shell, burritos, sandwiches, Hot dogs and more. Perfect for Mexican restaurants or taco stands, this unique serving dish features an attractive zig-zag design and a stainless steel construction to ensure a long service life. Eliminate the mess while stuffing your tacos, it’ll hold your shells or wraps in place while filling with all of your favorite condiments, Garnishes and fillings. Simply maintain by washing with soap and warm water. It is Dish-washer safe as well. The unique zig-zag design allows the user to place taco shells into the holder in an upright position without worrying that they will fall over. This practical construction makes meal preparation easier than ever before, while also making for a better presentation upon delivery. This versatile structure is perfect for creating multiple portion sizes and customizing the dishware to your guests' orders. The durable, stainless steel construction is ideal for busy restaurants and bars. Not only is this corrosion-resistant material easy to clean, but it also resists bending and scratching. Make a simple meal look like it was prepared by a professional chef with a beautiful presentation. Item Measures Approx 8.5” x 4” x 2” and comes in Variants of (2), (4) and (6) Taco Holders. Tacos not included.