StockPot Set w/ Burner & Stand Vaporera Tamalera Steamer Pot Olla Tamale

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  • StockPot Set w/ Burner & Stand Vaporera Tamalera Steamer Pot Olla Tamale is the perfect set to your kitchen and outdoor cooking equippment,Ideal for backyard,patio,picnics and for any ocation.
  • Powerful Burner for Efficient Heat 55,000 BTUs of cooking power provides enough heat for even, efficient cooking. Plus, the 16" x 16" square frame provides a more stable platform for stockpots and pans than comparably sized round outdoor burner designs.
  • Durable, stable, powder coated rolled steel round Stand / steamer kit gives you all the stand houses the 55,000 BTU cast iron burner, which is controlled by a 5 PSI adjustable liquid propane regulator. Whether you're frying up a fresh turkey or steaming a basket of clams or simply cooking any traditional dishes.
  • Adjustable, Regulated Heat In order to achieve the desired heat output, this model comes with a 5 PSI adjustable high performance liquid propane regulator and 36" rubber hose. With the ability to regulate your heat and control the flame on your stove, you can produce excellent results no matter what you're cooking.
  • Outdoor Gas Cooker set INCLUDES:1-piece welded steel frame, 14-inch diameter cooking surface, wide-set legs for stability. Includes 48-inch stainless braided hose, 5 psi high-pressure regulator and brass control valve. Full 360-degree windscreen protection for use in windy conditions. 13-inch height provides low center of gravity for use with large stockpots up to 100-qt capacity; DIMENSIONS 18 inches in diameter by 13 inches high.