Stock-Pot 24 Qt Stainless Steel Commercial Heavy Duty Kitchen Restaurant Olla Steamer Pot with Lid (24 Qt StockPot)

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This Heavy Duty 24 Quart Stainless Steel Stock-Pot, is not just Excellent your Home, but Great for Commercial Restaurant use as well. The Durability of the Stainless Steel make it perfect for Restaurants as they are lightweight and very durable, able to handle large quantities of back to back cooking. With the option to purchase a Steam Rack, you can easily use the you Stock-Pot to cook tamales, seafood and vegetables the healthy way. The pot is perfectly sized for soup, chili and stew as well making it versatile for cooking. Make your favorite, Traditional and delicious recipes. This Stainless Steel Stock-pot is very versatile for your very large cooking needs. It’s Solid Stainless Steel is made durable for long lasting wear making for multiple uses. This Stock pot has a coordinating lid to keep in heat and nutrients as well, while cooking. It’s Riveted pot and lid handles stay cool for safe, easy carrying and cooking maneuverability. This includes : 1-24 QT 14” H x 11” D Aluminum Stock Pot with the option to purchase a Steam Rack, and It’s 1 Lid.