Stainless Steel Manual Juicer Orange Lemon Squeezer Juice Press Heavy Duty

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Stainless Steel Fruit Juicer Orange Lemon Citrus Fresh Squeeze Juice Press New
This manual stainless steel citrus fruit extractor works great for oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and most other citrus fruits. It eliminates pulp and seeds easily. 
This item is perfect for restaurants, super markets, small grocery stores or for those who love freshly squeezed juice in the morning. 
 This Stainless Steel Fruit Juicer will help you bring healthy, fresh-squeezed drinks into your daily diet regimen. 
It has a wide base that makes it stable .
The stainless steel reamer hugs half of citrus securely and filters out seed and excess pulp. Juice is neatly directed into the glass with a drip spout. 
Stainless Steel construction.
Hand Powered Design. 
Stainless Steel Cone, Funnel Parts & Pitcher.
Easy-to-clean removable parts
Dimensions: 7.5 inches x  15 inches x  6 inches