Smasher Potato Bean Smash Commercial Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 24" inch

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  • Mash potatoes with comfort and ease with this 24"L and round potato masher! Make sure your kitchen is more than prepared for cooking enough mashed potatoes to get you through your dinner rush. Instead of having a sore hand at the end of the night from mashing potatoes with a plain metal or wood grip, the soft grip makes it a pleasant and comfortable task. In addition, this potato masher is made with sturdy chrome plating and can withstand long-term use.
  • While this item is ideal for mashing potatoes, it is also a great tool for mashing up sweet potatoes and other root vegetables for whatever unique dish you are cooking for dinner. With a circular shape, this potato masher is sure to reach every corner of your pots. The extended handle makes it perfect for use with deep pots, and is the perfect tool for blending a big pot of soup.
  • This hand masher helps get just the right consistency of potato, squash, fruit, or other ingredient.
  • Sturdy chrome construction Long handle for large pots Easy to clean Soft grip for comfort
  • Materials in the handle provide a firm grip. Includes 1-24"L X 6"X 6" Base Plate