Single High Pressure Gas Burner Square Patio Outdoor Stove Propane Camping Heavy Duty

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This Single Burner Square Patio Stove is a great choice. With its intense heat output and sturdy design, it's great for outdoor use.

Spend time with family and friends while preparing delicious food for everyone. This burner is a great choice. With a cooking surface measuring 16", you can use it with anything from small to large pots, giving you plenty of flexibility and room to expand.
It's a great choice for a cooker that will last you for a long time.

This burner has been designed for high output rated at 55,000 BTUs to give you all the power you need to get high quality heat.

It's flexible enough to get anything from a low sizzle to an intense flame, letting you get your cooking done the right way. Includes regulator and hose. You'll have everything you'll need to get started in this complete package.

Features: 16" x 16" cooking surface 55,000 BTU propane burner Boasts a stable, square design Durable, welded steel frame

Easily accommodates stockpots and cast iron skillets Easy-to-attach hose ensures a secure connection Features adjustable, regulated heat Great for outdoor catered events and seasonal restaurants