Shot Glass 100% Pure Hammered Copper Five Piece Set with Plate Mescalero Tequilero

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The Stunning 100 percent Copper hammer polish beats shine, instilling beauty whilst still adding durability that lasts for years. These 4 Shot-glasses come with tig-welded handles that will never fall off or loosen. Consisting of 100% PURE GENUINE COPPER these pieces contain no nickel , Tin or stainless steel. Glasses are totally Food Grade Copper to add and give your Mescal the right taste. Enjoy your beverage the way it was meant to be enjoyed, with a handcrafted pure hammered copper mug. These Copper Shot glasses come at a perfect size of 2 oz. and coated with food grade lacquer to retain its shine Our shot Glasses frost up quickly with the copper locking into the drink's coolness, giving you a refreshing ice cold beverage no matter what. Bring these Unique and beautiful Shot Glasses to your home and captivate your kitchen with the glimmering copper shine.