Shopping Bags Mercado Mexican Tote Grocery Handmade 19” x 15.5” Carrying Assorted Flannel Colored Mesh Reusable Market Bag Cocina Mexicano (L) Blue Mexican Handbag)

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Mexican market bags and oilcloth make colorful and practical accessories you can use everyday. The market bags, or "Bolsas", are made from woven poly mesh or oilcloth. They come in many sizes and can be used as shopping bags, totes, beach bags, and purses. They are handmade, made durable and make for great everyday items. Stroll through any Mexican mercado and you'll see the many varieties of these handy traditional bags. The market bags in stock are a variety of colors in the plaid weave design. Available in Red, blue, Green and Orange. In Large sizes. They are made of Mexican Oil Cloth and are festively decorated, durable, vinyl material that has many practical uses. Some of the most popular uses for oilcloth are tablecloths, shelf liners, drawer liners, place mats, outdoor furniture covers, and even upholstery. The oilcloth material is flexible, waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean. They each come equipped with durable round plastic handles for easy leisure and transportation when handling. Seams are reinforced with sturdy plastic fiber, the plastic tube handles are riveted to the bag for extra strength. Using 100% recycled materials. Perfect for use, these bags work great as a unique reusable shopping bag, or just to carry towels to the pool, etc. They Measure approx. 19” x 15.5”.