Pot Stainless Steel 53 Quart with Strainer Basket StockPot Commercial Fryer Pot

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This 53-quart stainless-steel stock pot is a must have for your cooking needs, suited for both home and commercial uses, The Stock-Pot with Strainer makes cooking easy.The Stock-Pot is made up of Heavy Gauge, Restaurant-Quality Stainless Steel Construction.The 53 quart Commercial Quality Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Deep Strainer makes this Stock Pot very versatile for large cooking needsThe seal-tight fitting lid makes steaming easy and perfect.deal for Seafood Boils, Fish Frys, Canning, Soup and Stews.Includes: Stock pot, 15.5"H x 16.5"D & a Basket 11.5”H x 14.5”D with Bail Handle, Tight Fitting Lid, Welded Side Handles, Heavy duty construction, and made to last a lifetime.