Pot Stainless Steel 36 Quarts Thermal with Commercial Dispenser Stock Pot

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This 36 Quart Stainless-steel stock pot with a Spigot is a must have, perfect for both home and commercial uses, The Stock-Pot with Spigot makes revolutionizes your cooking. The 36 Quart Stock-Pot is made up of Heavy Gauge, Restaurant-Quality Stainless Steel.The Commercial Quality Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Spigot makes this Stock Pot versatile for large cooking needs.ideal for cooking large batches of house Broth’s, Soup and Stews Includes: 36 Quart Stock pot, 19”H x 16”D, Spigot, Interior Dimensions of 13.5”H x 13.5”D with Silicone Seal-Tight Fitting Lid, Welded Side Handles, Heavy duty construction, and built for heavy duty wear.