Paella Pan 17" Paellera de Cobre Spain España 100% Pure Hammered Hand-made Artisan Copper Classic Traditional Seafood Marisco Cazo

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Originating from what is now Valencia, Spain, the popular Spanish dish of “Paella” sprang in between the Romans and Arabs where they perfected it amongst themselves, that still stands remaining as loved today as when it was first created. This pan showcases the traditional Valencian style. The wide, shallow Copper cooking surface is designed to sauté meats and vegetables prior to adding rice. Consisting of 100% pure copper, this timeless Copper Paella Pan was sculpted with heart and soul, hand-made and Hammered to perfection by Mexican Artisans, with each pan crafted as their canvas. This Hammer Polish beats shine, beauty and durability into every craft; seamless construction from a single piece of copper that will never disappoint. Oven and Broiler safe, Cooking Paella becomes as easy as eating the dish itself, and just as satisfying with the Copper Pan’s conductivity, durability and ductility of this handcrafted tool at your disposal. Equipped are two Copper extra strength and sturdy handles that will stay cool ensuring you of good leisure and Maneuverability for safe handling. This Paella Pan can also be used for but not limited to Roasting, Barbecuing, Cooking Skillets, Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes, Breakfast through Dinner and much more. Over some time, Copper may develop a rich patina . This will not affect the pan's cooking performance. To keep the exterior looking new, Simply use a copper polish or a combination of lemon and salt. This item includes 1 Paella Pan de Cobre Puro. Measuring approx: Top Diameter 17” x Bottom Diameter 13” x Height Without Handles 3.5”. Height With Handles 6” with a Length from handle to handle at 20”. Weight; 4.10 Lbs.