Olla Frijolera De Barro 1.5 Qt. Mini Traditional Handmade Mexican Authentic Artisan Barro Clay 100% Lead Free Stockpot with Brown Glaze Interior Finish

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This Authentic and Traditional Olla De Barro Frijolera Bean Pot holds approx 1.5 Quarts and is perfect for small servings of Beans De LA Oya, Chili Beans, Chiles, or even as an acting Canterito for your favorite cocktail refreshments on a hot day outside. Either way you use this Olla, it serves to be versatile for your kitchen and cooking needs. This small Olla is made of 100 % Lead Free and safe to use Barro. Barro literally means "mud" but generally means "clay,"  This beautifully hand-crafted and hand-painted Olla is made by artisans living in the Oaxacan highlands. The red clay is gathered from the surrounding hills.Olla is ready for use and certainly to add a bit of Mexican style decor to any table setting or folk kitchen. With this product you aren’t just buying a dish but rather a piece of Artistry. This Olla made of earthenware or "clay" maybe glazed inside or out (or both) then fired over low heat. The results are earthy, stunning and a pleasure to use. Clay has been traditionally used in Mexican cooking because the clay imparts a specific flavor to the foods that can't be reproduced in a metal pot. Before use, be sure to cure by using a simple seasoning process before you use this Olla. Fill with water and place it over a direct flame. Allow the water to boil for a few minutes then remove from the heat and discard. Do this twice. Add a bit of Mexican pottery to your table with this gorgeous handmade Olla De Barro pot. The special and authentic hand shaping of the Barro makes them unique in proportion. An element that makes handmade so beautifully perfect. There are no breaks, but please keep in mind that this clay material is hand handled, shaped and made; minimal chipping is natural. Measures 6.5” W at the handles and 5” High