Mexican Natural Fiber Root Brush Scrubber - Escobeta - 5.5" Traditional Handmade

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  • This brush is handmade from generations in Mexico, It is made from the root of a grass called “zacaton”. This is great for scrubbing pots and cleaning root vegetables. The roots are very stiff and are effective scouring brushes. Unlike plastic, these roots will not melt on hot pots. Size: 14 cm (5.5").
  • This natural Scrubber- Brush is the perfect tool to clean out your Molcajetes, Metates and Mortars.
  • It was designed to do the job right and is a must to have in your kitchen if you own any of these gadgets.
  • Their functionality,of this unique brush and its beauty and quality will make cleaning easy and quick. Great for indoors & camping.
  • This includes : 1 unique and traditional Root Scrubber 5.5" Long and 1-3/4"Thick