Mexican Candy Vero Elote Paletas Wholesale Lollipops Box Distribution Dulces Mexicanos … (24 Bags of Elote Paletas (960 Total))

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Vero Elote lollipop suckers, or Paletas are a hard mango shape and flavored candy covered with a spicy but pleasant flavored powdered chili coating. Mexican Paletas are not too sweet like the ones in the US. They are tangy, spicy and sweet. It isn’t too hot either. It is just delicious. It is mildly spicy but not hot. The delicious Elote flavored candy is waiting inside. Includes two Free "Luchadon" Lables. Satisfy your craving for a sweet tropical treat with Elote Vero lollipops! They are available in a pack of 6 (240 Pieces), 12 (480 Pieces) or 24 (980 Pieces) packs. The Paletas are covered with chilli powder so don’t lick them like other lollipops if you can’t tolerate much chilli, rather take a bite and indulge in all the flavours together. It may be a lollipop but do not treat is a lollipop if you don’t like chilli much. They are convenient for joyous birthday parties, baby showers, Christmas celebrations, Halloween treats, Easters, university events, community galas, school fests, college freshers, farewell parties, anniversary celebrations, annual functions, sports events, high school prom nights and the list is endless.