Mexican Candy Marzipan Mazapan De La Rosa Chewy Peanut Style Wholesale Boxes 12 Piece Packs Dulces Mexicanos (48 Boxes of Marzipan 12 Pack (576) Pieces)

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Mazapan is a peanut based candy.. A delicious round shaped chewy candy made of crushed peanuts. It is a typical Mexican candy for all occasions, making for a great for dessert, and as a quick snack. It is also commonly use for candy bags during birthday parties, but however may It is not a good idea for a piñatas, because it is very easy to brake. It's super sweet and peanutty, but not like peanut butter - it actually tastes like peanuts. It is a delicious mouth melting peanut candy and is loved by most of the people who tried it. The candy is in a texture which melts as soon as we take it into the mouth. There are layers and layers of Marzipan peanut in the candy. This Mexican candy is basically the mixture of sugar, honey, roasted peanuts and some other ingredients. The coarse peanuts which are not totally powdered with the other ingredients of the candy, add to its amazing taste. Available in packs of 12 Boxes (144) Pieces 24 boxes (288) Pieces and 48 Boxes (576 Pieces). The packaging is just like a small toffee. It is easy to carry in your pockets and small containers. Each piece is individually wrapped, but with their melt in your mouth texture and deliciously sweet peanut flavor, you'll never be able to eat just one! Included with two Free Luchadon Candy Labels. There are times when we do not want to have something as sweet as chocolate or as crispy as biscuits, there comes the role of Da Le Rosa Peanut Candy. This crispy sweet candy wins the heart whenever taken inside the mouth.