Mexican Candy Limon7 Wholesale Salt and Limon Powder Polvo De Sal Y Limon Sour Anahuac Dulces Mexicanos (6 Bags of Limon7 (600 Pieces))

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Limon7 is a delicious powdered Lemon and salt seasoning in a packet that adds an irresistible tang of citrus and dash of salt to snacks and beverages. The powder can be eaten straight from the packets or sprinkled onto a variety of fruits for a perfection combination of sweet and sour flavors. You can even use Limon 7 and have it as a drink. Just add the powder in water, some sugar (according to your taste) and have yourself a lemonade. Purchase includes 2 free Luchadon Candy Labels. You can even add it to your sauces or dishes when low on salt and lemon. The best part about this candy is that you can have it anywhere, anytime, any day. Available in packs of (6) Limon7 Bags (600 pieces), (12) Limon7 Bags (1200 Pieces) and (24) Bags (2400 Pieces). This candy is highly not recommended for people with high blood pressure and thyroid related issues. Apart from that, this candy can be enjoyed by all kinds of age groups-from children to adults. Available in a pack of 100 Pieces.