Mexican Candy Duvalin Ricolino Bi Sabor Avellana Y Vainilla Wholesale Hazelnut and Vanilla Flavored Creme Cream Pudding Dulces Mexicanos (6 Packs of Duvalin (108 Pieces))

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This Duvalin candy originally from Mexico, is a delicious hazelnut and vanilla flavored candy cream, which is very similar to pudding specially in texture. The traditional combo of Hazelnut mixed with Vanilla is a tasty treat that makes for a great first time experience. Includes two Free Luchadon Candy Labels. What makes it a fun treat is that you can mix both of its vanilla and hazelnut flavors to create an even tastier treat. Now available in packs of 6 Boxes of Duvalin (108 Pieces) 12 Packs of Duvalin (216 Pieces) and 24 Packs of Duvalin (432 Pieces). Its so good that you won't change Duvalin for anything! It is ranked at #19 for top #50 Candies from around the world. Includes 18 per pack. “No lo cambio por nada!” Enjoy!