Mat Dish Rack 7" Wooden Bamboo Pot Pan Countertop Protective Holder Two 7" Pc Se

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This 2 Piece Bamboo Dish Mat is made durably heat-resistant to help protect countertops, tabletops, and kitchen surfaces from heat damage due to hot dishes, pots or pans. Natural wood color with pretty wood grain, these natural Bamboo colors add vibrant life to any kitchen or dining room. Looks great and vivid in any Kitchen setting. Easy maintenance with damp cloth; use mineral oil to maintain their beauty. The Squared shaped trivets complement with your cookware; simple and functional to protect table cloths from burns. Bamboo material made for easy expansion, outstanding durability and exceptional aesthetics; beautiful enough to display on your counter when not in use. Bamboo is an incredibly durable material and it is a renewable resource which grows quickly and doesn’t require pesticides, clear cutting, artificial irrigation or replanting. Measures 7” x 7” and comes with 2 pieces.