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This Manual Flower/Corn Aluminum Tortilla Maker is built of cast aluminum. Is the perfect cooking tool to make tortillas using masa dough.
This Manual Tortilla Maker makes your job easier when making corn tortillas . Handle is very simple, the dough is placed in the upper hopper and when you rotate the handle of the machine tortillas they will come out uniform and fast way .
Then you place the uncooked corn tortillas in a hot comal or griddle to cook. You can make tortillas different thicknesses and diameters
Simply take out of it’s box. Put the handle in screw, moving it towards you. Put Freshly made Dough (masa) on top or rollers. You can adjust how thick you would like your tortilla by simply moving the adjusters in the back. With your left hand grab the handle and start spinning handle towards you. With your right hand press the dough while you spin the handle with your Left hand towards you.
The Tortilla Machine will start cutting the dough in a tortilla shape of 5" diameter and presenting it in front of you. Measures (width x depth x height): 10" x 7.8" x 7.2" (crank not included in measure) Weight: 8.11 pounds