Stove Portable Dual Butane Gas 2 Burner Outdoor Camping tailgate Double Stoves

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This portable Butane Dual Stove with two solid aluminum burners is perfect for off-premise catering and cooking demonstrations where electricity is not readily available. This burner is a trustworthy choice for almost any social outdoor activity. It is ideal to use for camping, hunting and backyard cookouts. It has been carefully designed. Lightweight camping cooking stove that offers compact portability and power in the same stove. It is equipped with a high heat output of approx. 8,000 BTUs per burner. This Dual Portable Stove features a Quick & Safe Automatic ignition knob which controls, ignition & gas control for each burner so you can individually regulate the different burner stoves, increasing or decreasing the flame separately, allowing you to cook at two different temperatures simultaneously. You can easily remove the burners equipped, making cleaning a breeze. For superior safety, This Portable Butane range features a lock feature that locks each butane canister in place, allowing the range to ignite; if the lock is not in place, it will not ignite. It comes equipped with a double sealed valve, enamel pot/pan holder, overpressure prevention, gas leakage prevention, and of course, incorrect placement prevention. It also has a windshield to protect the flame, keeping it burning. This Dual Portable Stove is lightweight for easy and compact portability weighing less then 6 lbs. It is powered by 2 Butane gas cans/cartridges that you insert into the left and right ends of the burner. Butane Gas cans are sold separately. It includes thee Dual Portable Butane Gas stove, and 2 removable Solid Aluminum burners, with a convenient carrying case. Dual Stove measures at approx. 24” L x 10“ W x 3“ H. Weighs approx. 5.95 lbs. Get your own Portable Dual Stove Burner today, and take it with you anywhere you’d like to this Summer! Enjoy the quality assurance and experience the convenience first hand when cooking outdoors for yourself!