Kitchen & Restaurant Supplies Anafre 8“ Traditional Galvanized Sheet Metal Fogon Grill Outdoor Camping Charcoal Chafer

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An Anafre is the name of a small chauffer or furnace where usually hot coal, or even wood is placed on the bottom to heat up the dish placed on its top. As you can see it has several holes up on top to let some oxygen in and keep the coal lit. Anafre”s have been used traditionally and more originally from México and other countries in Latin-America. It's made with thin metal sheets, and usually works with coal. The word Anafre comes from the Arabic "nafih" = "that blows" and evolved into an al-nafih> annafi> annafir> anafre. The anafre is a great example of time-designed objects that can reflect an entire culture. It can be found in different sizes according to the user's needs, with structural elements barely changing. After some time, the idea of translating the basic structure of anafres into different uses and functions, was getting into shape. It is easy to cook on, and gets the job done efficiently. Not much of a cook? Surely, this durable and traditional Anafre stove can inspire anyone to get into cooking. Simply place wood below inside furnace space of Anafre. Above you are going to set and place your charcoal coals as desired up on top. Ignite furnace space below and allow time for fire to burn and grow, in which it’ll soon fire up the charcoal placed above. Here you can place your grill, pot or pan and start grilling, boiling or cooking just about anything you desire as you would on an outdoor BBQ.Usually the Anafre’s contain fried red or black beans with cheese fondue on top. Also other ingredients that might be added are peppers and chorizo. In order to eat this delicious dip, tortilla chips accompany the appetizer. Very popular in the Honduran Culture.Perfect for outdoor cooking, camping, or in your own backyard, take yours anywhere you desire. Heavy Duty made, create and cook your dish with use of this Authentic and Traditional Anafre furnace. Anafre has two durable handles on each side for desired handling and transportation. Anafre is made of Galvanized Sheet Metal, is 8” in Height and at the top is measured at 12” x 12,” weighing just over 3 lbs.