Griddle Grill Stainless Steel Plancha BBQ Heavy Duty Comal Outdoor Stove Burner

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Griddle Grill Stainless Steel Plancha BBQ Heavy Duty 
Comal Outdoor Stove New
This Outdoor Stainless Grill Griddle provides you with easy cooking and serving. 
The grill griddle is made from
 stainless steel and ensures durability. 
Perfect Stainless steel Comal Griddle for all outdoors Cooking
Crafted with Heavy Duty stainless steel & design to catch and dispose grease/oil
The handle grips are comfortable to hand and easy to carry.
Portable Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Griddle.
Griddle fits perfectly over double burner stand for the most even heat distribution.
The grill griddle is a perfect choice for backyard, camping, tailgating, or 
entertaining. This Grill is easy to clean,maintain, and store.
The high functionality and sturdy construction makes it a perfect addition to your 
grill accessories.
This set includes a 6" Stainless Steel spatula w/ wooden handle

Griddle fits perfectly over Two burner stand, BBQ grills or most even heat 
distribution stoves

Dimensions: 32" Long  17" Wide and  2.5 "
High Weight: 36 Lb