Ematik Tongs 9.5" Stainless Steel Durable Locking BBQ Grilling Tong Serving Kitchen Restaurant Serve-Ware

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This multi-use and versatile stainless steel set of Tong’s is the answer for better serving, grilling and turning food while keeping your hand’s safe and at a comfortable safe distance. These Tong’s are made from durable stainless steel with plastic-rubber handles for safety and comfortable leisure when handling food. They are Heat Resistant so they will stay cool to the touch. With a comfortable secure soft slip free thumb grip for handling, it also features a locking mechanism for closed safe spacing storage with a convenient hanging loop. Simply pull out the Tong’s loop for spring action opening. They are 9.5” Inch, durable and ductile Stainless Steel Tong’s that are wide scalloped with rubber grips and Joint Lock safety mechanism for storage. These Tong’s are Dishwasher safe and are made to last. Work in the Kitchen is always easier when using the right tools for the Job. As efficient as an extra pair of Hands, our sturdy stainless-steel tongs are ideal for lifting, turning and transferring foods.