Scraper Aluminum 14” Griddle Grill Commercial Heavy Duty Splashguard 6” Blade Restaurant Scraper Cleaner

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This Heavy Duty Commercial Aluminum Griddle/Grill scraper offers an ergonomic handle that reduces user fatigue. This grill scraper is constructed of heavy-duty cast aluminum, a durable, easy-to-clean material that resists dents and corrosion. It Scraper features a Durable Stainless Steel blade for easy Sanitation. It ultimately is the ergonomic option for everyday use. It's sure to offer your staff a comfortable grip for extended use, and the ambidextrous design ensures every operator can use this tool. This grill scraper is great for restaurants, bars, diners, and food trucks. The design makes it perfect for all-day use, no matter the location! The short stature of this grill scraper gives your staff the added leverage they need to remove even the toughest surface soils. The long-lasting, sharp stainless steel blade won't prematurely dull down; however, when it does, it's easily-replaceable with a compatible blade. A Heavy Duty Scraper is a must have for any busy OR Kitchen/Restuarant with a flat top Griddle. Featuring Good quality construction, and with proper care, this Scraper should surely should last! It is Equipped with a Splash-guard positioned above the Scraper blade that’ll deflect and collect debris for quick and easy cleanup. It measures Approx. 16” x 6” x 5” with a 6” Stainless Steel Scraping Blade. It’s made of Ductile Cast Aluminum and features Sturdy Gripping Handle and Knob for optimal leisure.