Ematik High Pressure Outdoor Propane Gas Single Burner Durable 100,000 BTU Red Steel Cooker Stove with Adjustable 20 PSI Hose and Regulator Made in The U.S.A.

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Great for all outdoor cooking, this sturdy Single Burner, outdoor backyard and camping stove is the perfect addition to your Home or Catering business. It features a powerful 10.5” Black Jet Dragon Propane Gas Burner that boasts easily 100,000 BTU’s including a High Pressure Hose and Regulator to go along with it. Family, friends and guests will enjoy of variety of well-prepared foods you may prepare outdoors for a fun and unique alternative to indoor cooking and dining. With its included 0.20 PSI High performance adjustable regulator and its 36" rubber hose, this Propane Gas Stove easily and in no time can heat water and oil rapidly and evenly for uniform cooking. Adjusting the flame during the cooking process provides you with more control and variability to prepare a variety of foods from deep fried turkeys to steamed vegetables or even excellent for brewing your own Beer. The frame design is made of 100% Heavy Duty Gauge Steel painted in Red that will provide balanced support as you rest large stockpots, Dutch Ovens, Cast Iron and other Cookware on this stove / range. Plus, the welded steel frame increases the overall durability and longevity of this outdoor High Pressure Multi-purpose Stove. Plus, this frame's simple, low-to-the-ground design makes it an ideal choice for accommodating larger stockpots without worrying about tipping and spilling. Maintaining a strong, clean flame is essential to your outdoor cooking process. The added front wind-guard may prevent your flame from blowing out so you can safely and consistently prepare stews, sauces, and oil for frying. This High Pressure Single Burner Stove measures 11.5” x 11.5” x 11.5” and weighs just over 10 lbs. It is Red and black and includes one High Pressure 0-20 PSI Hose and Regulator. It is excellent as it is portable enough to take anywhere, on the go or in your own backyard.