Ematik Comal Double Griddle 18.5” Non-Stick Heat Resistant Handles Carbon Steel Stove-top Flat Surface Tortilla Pan

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This Non-stick Carbon Steel Griddle is suited perfectly for cooking a number of different foods such as Eggs, Pancakes, Quesadillas, Bacon, Fry potatoes or hash browns and much more. Great for the Outdoors and camping, it’s durable, lightweight and versatile enough to take anywhere on your next adventure. This is a ‘Double Griddle” meaning you’ll have plenty s[ace and room to cook on this large 18.5” Corrosion resistant cooking surface. Strong and designed to last, never be worried that this Griddle might warp and tarnish on you as other Griddles may after consecutive uses. This griddle or Comal is made of Durable High Quality Non-stick Coated Carbon Steel. When finished cooking, be assured that the Comals Cooking surface cleans up easy and is even Dishwasher safe as well. It is designed to distribute fast and even heating and is excellent for your Stove-top, and Oven safe at 450 degrees. Double griddles give you twice as much room to cook breakfast favorites, but isn’t limited to, as it is all around a Great cookware appliance to add to anyones Kitchen given Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Whether you wish to cook for the whole family, or you are planning a friends’ gathering around the table, this cooking griddle is a must have for you! Featuring a large, 18.5’’x1 1.5” x .5’’ surface, it provides you with ample space for preparing many types of food simultaneously! It also features Heat resistant Chrome handles. Perfect when it comes to Indoor and Outdoor cooking alike, The lightweight, portable, yet durable design of this Comal skillet assures effortless handling and makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor cooking, providing you with unlimited possibilities!