Ematik Comal 12” Aluminum Non-Stick Round Griddle Pan Sarten Griddle

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Convenient and easy to use, this durable and non-stick round griddle is perfect for cooking up grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, pancakes, eggs and much much more. The premium non-stick interior helps reduce the amount of cooking oils and fats used in your dishes. An indispensable addition to any commercial kitchen, this Non-Stick Aluminum Griddle is designed perfect for making quesadillas, warming Tortillas and other snacks. Made from high quality gauge aluminum, this product provides fast-heating for quick, consistent results. Great for indoor, Outdoor, Camping or in the Kitchen, this leisure-able and Durably built Aluminum Griddle will serve many uses to come in your everyday cooking expertise, beginner or expert. Thanks to its exceptionally durable construction, this cookware will withstand high temperatures for years of reliable service. It’s flat round service provides for perfect and even heat distribution. Boasting a Premium non-stick coating, this easy-to-clean item prevents food from sticking, reducing the amount of cooking oils and fats used in your dish. Boasting Leisurablitly, this griddle has a sturdy riveted wire handle for a comfortable grip and convenient hanging when not in use.