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This Chefs Black Waist Apron, or sometimes called “Café Aprons”, are stylish, comfortable aprons for serving, lighter cooking, housekeeping and serving but can be used for far more tasks. Waist aprons have a more modern clean style that will always look Great and Professional. Particularly well suited for those who don’t need a full coverage apron, but need an apron to complete their restaurant apparel, and provide accessibility to pencils, order booklets, and/or other tools etc.   Café aprons make a great statement, especially those from Aprons and Smocks because they’re both functional and flattering. They are very functional because of the fabric, workmanship, and design of the apron.   This Apron features 3 divisional pockets that may help keep necessary items organized and close to the task at hand. With a stain finish that’ll make laundering the aprons is no hassle.   This is more than just a functional item for cooks, servers, and back of house workers. It’s a professional and attractive part of the uniform. For those who are cooking at home, it is also a finishing touch that helps you feel ready for guests while you are finishing up in the kitchen.   This black waist apron provides coverage and storage for supplies while on the move for a server in a fast paced industry like a restaurant or coffee shop. Ideal for casual dining settings, this short waist apron is a poly cotton blend material that is comfortable and functional. Each smock is a one size fits most design due to the extra-long ties. Includes 1 Black Waist Apron measuring Approx. 21.5” x 12”