Ematic Catering Cart 24” Griddle 100% Pure Heavy Duty Gauge Steel Commercial Stainless Steel Taco Cart Grill with Steamer and Convex Comal

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Wether catering for events both large and small alike, you can be assure that this 24” Commercial Griddle will not only definitely get the job done…but is equipped with everything you need! Griddle itself is made of 100% pure heavy-gauge 1/4 American grade Steel inch for inch. The Griddle comes with welded handles on both sides suited for easy and safe handling and lifting. It is also equipped with a 1.5“ grease and oil gutter which drains down into an oil catcher installed below onto the Stainless Steel cart itself so you don’t have to worry about those unwanted messes and spills that will only cost you more time and hassle. This Heavy-Duty Griddle sits up on a firm cart, reinforced with a metal and beautiful Stainless Steel frame. The catering cart comes installed with a Steamer in the middle and a Stainless Steel Convex Comal on the right side. Steamer includes the Steamer Tray as well as three, 3 quart food holding trays that sit inside with lids to each. Never worry about your food ever getting cold anymore. Be ensured that with this Steamer included, your food will remain Hot and always ready to serve Fresh. The Convex Comal measures 20.5” D and has two welded handles for great mobility as well. It is lightweight and Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel. Excellent for just about anything, put your Comal to use with cooking and frying up your Carnes and Vegetables, Tortillas, or do it all at once! Thee Stainless Steel catering cart is also equipped with three 1” metal knobs that will ensure you of durability and fine resistance. There is a 1” opening located behind Griddle, with two 3” round openings on the front side of the cart which will provide quality airflow that’ll keeping those burners alive and burning! Cart is installed with Commercial H Burner that will provide an even and balanced heat distribution, with an additional Flute Burner in the middle under the Steamers components to keep your Steamer steaming hot. Cart has it’s burners hose connector on the left side, and includes a Hose of 350 max PSI and gas Regulator of 20PSI max output. Also included is the legs of the cart and griddle which are painted black and have brakes on each set of legs. Perfectly suited and tailored for all of your future events, there is just so much you can do with this Griddle, the possibilities are endless. This Griddle caters to all practical cooking needs. Cook up some Carne Asada for game day, or even make some Tacos! Grill some burgers and hot dogs if you want! Get away from those other Non-Stick griddles! They aren’t built to last and will only leave you with an eroding layer of film and chemicals that will contaminate your food overtime. Always remember to season Griddle before use. This will help you avoid a warp to your Griddle. Take your Griddle anywhere you would like to go with it’s easy to assemble and disassemble design. Fire up the Griddle and taste the quality assurance first hand for yourself. Get you business booming today with your very own Commercialized 3 in 1 Griddle Cart. The griddle is measured at 36” L by 22” W is a 1/4 inch Gauge, and a solid 55 lbs. The Stainless Steel Comal measures 20.5” in Diameter, and the Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Cart alone is measured at 64.5” L x 24” W and 12” H. When assembled the griddle and cart together measure at a total of 42” H x 24” W and 64.5 “