Electric Mill Corn Grain Wheat Grinder Heavy Duty Commercial Molino Maiz 1/4 HP

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This Molino Corn Grinder has an Electric motor of ¼ HP - Reducer composed of a gear wheel and an auger to reduce the engine speed from 1700 RPM to 85 RPM, making it domestic and connected to any electrical outlet. It is 110 Volts for Northern United States customers. This Grinder is great for restaurants, homes, businesses and makes a great gift. The simple, reliable and long-lived is the practical Molinos Corn Grinder that the user needs at home because it saves time, money and inconvenience, ensuring the quality and hygiene that is required, allowing you to use your own ingredients. These mills represent efficiency and quality in the grinding industry of all kinds of products, such as: nixtamal, coffee, shrimp, chili, cheese, grains, seeds, spices, cereals, etc. There is much you can do with your Molino Grinder, also grinds wheat, rice, corn and small grains such as quinoa and amaranth, and also does an outstanding job of grinding beans and legumes. It's primary objective is getting the flour ground and the bread on the table without any fuss, frills or fanfare. It's great for making gluten-free flours such as brown rice, white rice, sorghum, quinoa, soy, milletamaranth, bean, corn, chickpeas/garbanzos, cheese, coffee, cacao, ice, wheat, maize, nixtamal, spices and more. This Modern countertop grain mills makes it easy for anyone to grind fresh, flavorful flours. Easy to use and easy to cleanGrinding in: Dry and wet. You can use it for commercial or home production of peanut butter, almond butter, pistachio and other nut butters, as well as masa for tortillas. End product can range from cracked grain to meal texture or fine flour for baking. Grinder is Cast aluminum, and measures approx. 13.5” H x 15” L x 12.5” W. At it’s top, the opening measures 6 “ in Diameter. Electric Motor is 1/4 HP. Weighs approx. 28 lb. and includes 10 “ Wooden staff that’ll help assist with your grinding needs.