Double Head Propane Gas Burner Portable Camping Outdoor Stove Camping Stainless

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Double Head Burner Gas Portable Camping Outdoor Stove
This Double Head Burner Gas Stove is a trustworthy choice for almost any social outdoor activity. It is ideal to use for camping, hunting and backyard cookouts. 
It has been carefully designed.
Lightweight camping cooking stove that offers compact portability and power in the same stove.
It also comes in handy when you have a small work area. It accommodates two pans at once for heating sauces, cooking and much more.
 Quick & Safe Ignition Knob Controls, Ignition & Gas Control Specified to work with Standard Propane Tanks.
Made of Stainless Steel Construction. 
Includes Hose & Regulator.
Hose Length 5.5 ft.
Rating: 12000 &15000 BTU
  • Height: 3.5 Length: 28 Width: 15"
Item Weight: 15 lbs