Coronado Paleton De Cajeta Quemada Mexican Goat Milk Candy Lollipops 10 Pcs Paleta

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Cajetas are a type of traditional Mexican confection that consists of thickened syrup that is made from caramelized goat milk. Cajetas are made by simmering goat’s milk until it becomes very thick. While this type of confection is known as Cajeta in Mexico, you may also know it as Dulce de Leche.

Paleton de Cajeta by Cajeta lollipops made by Coronado, the most well known Cajeta producer in Mexico. The Lollipop consists of two layers of Cajetas with different textures. The outside layer is hard while the inner layer is slightly chewy.

Paleton de Cajeta are sweet to the taste, but not too sweet, and have a distinct milky taste. Fun fact: Cajetas were an important element of the Mexican War of Independence, as cajetas can be easily stored and transported, and can last several months without decomposing.

Cajeta is usually served as a spread or filling for other baked goods but sometimes boiled a little longer to create a more solid fudge-like candy. But there are are also other candies that use the caramel-like goo as a base. In the case of these lollipops, the caramel base was used to make a hard toffee type lollipop.

Each was nicely mounted on a plastic stick and sealed to keep them fresh. You may have seen the Coronado logo which features a nanny goat picture. They come in a pack of 10 Paletas.