Comal Convex 21.5” Stainless Steel Panza Arriba Heavy Duty Commercial Mexican Griddle Extra High Rim

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This Traditional Convex Comal or also Called Comal Panza Arriba is a stainless steel CONVEX comal which is used to cook different types of food like toast tortillas for classic authentic tacos, heating and cooking a wide variety of your favorite foods and searing juices in meat. Today the comal is an integral part of Mexican cuisine and culture that one can be found in every Mexican household and modern kitchen. A comal is a simple, small, flat round or oval griddle or skillet used to cook tortillas, quesadillas, sopes, tlacoyos and other masa foods; its used for toasting seeds, nuts, dried chiles and other spices; charring tomatillos for salsas, fresh chiles, tomatoes, onion and garlic; as well as cooking vegetables like nopales, sear meat, and prepare food. The Stainless steel Convex Comal is a very popular cooking utensil used among food vendors on the streets and in restaurants all over Mexico A Stainless Steel Comal with a Convex grilling area it is perfect to fry tacos, quesadillas, gorditas, fajitas and pambazos. This Comal will be a great addition to your home or restaurant. It is water, air and moisture resistant. Use it on your stove top, Parrilla, Outdoor Burner, Taco cart, anywhere! Great for patio cooking or catered events, This Comal and Stove work efficiently for frying and you can prepare large quantities of food, cook Authentic Mexican Tacos, cook Tortillas, carnitas and mor Today comales for home use are made from heavy cast iron, stainless steal, aluminum and come in all sizes; round ones to fit over one stovetop burner and elongated oval ones to fit over two burners. Most comales are raw, untreated or uncoated and require seasoning before using them. This Comal features a High Rise nearly 4” Rim that makes it capable to cook large Quantitates of Meat thoroughly and safely. Measures 21.5” x 4.5”