Comal 21.5" 100% Heavy Duty Gauge Carbon Steel para Tortillas Quesadillas

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The Comal is an ideal commercial cooking appliance to add to anyones home. It can be used on your stove-top, in the oven or even on on the grill, making it versatile for your cooking needs. The Comal became quite quintessential for cooking Tortillas typically used in Mexico and parts around Central and South America.
Great for roasting Spices and Vegetables, generally aiding in food preparation. Perfect for making crepes, toasting sandwiches, cooking quesadillas, and all your favorite breakfast foods such as pancakes and eggs as well.
Made up of 100 % Heavy Duty Steel, this Comal provides you with a balance of ductility and strength with great wear resistance. It’s flat and wide round surface works great for distributing heat quickly and evenly. And is made Non-stick, providing you with easy cleaning and healthy eating.
Hand wash with soapy warm water only and dry before using. Don’t preheat the Comal empty. Carbon Steel is an extremely good conductor of heat reaching high temperatures much quicker than other materials you might be used to. Reaching a temperature of over 210 degree will only take 4-5 minutes. It is recommended you cook using low to medium heat. This Carbon Steel Comal is not oven or broiler safe.
It is 1.5 mm gauge and measures a wide 21.5” round, with 2“ Riveted Metal end handle on both sides and light in weight at approx. 8 lbs. This Comal is an efficient edition to add to your kitchen, Home or Restaurant.