Cast Iron Griddle 10" Heavy Duty Comal Skillet Nonstick Tortilla Grill Camping

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10" Heavy Duty Comal

Preseasoned Nonstick

Tortilla Pan Griddle Cast Iron



This Heavy Duty Cast Iron Comal is a Mexican style

grill. It is a large cast iron plate or griddle used to

 make tortillas and blister chiles.

 Makes a perfect fajita and quesadilla pan.

This is The best cast iron griddle for commercial or

home use!

Fantastic heat distribution, Thick Heavy Duty.

This rustic Comal will last a longtime.

This Heavy Duty Comal is a  Mexican kitchen essential.

It is Authentic Ethnic, Healthy Cooking, Natural Material, Oven Safe.

Usable in all kitchens: gas, electric, induction, oven, campfire, grill etc.

10 inches diameter, 15  inches long end to end, handle is 5 inches.