Cast Iron 5.5" Inch Pre Seasoned Fry Pan Skillet Camping Heavy Duty NEW

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  • Grandma was on to something with the timeless cast-iron skillet, preferred by many chefs. Ready-to-use pre-seasoned pan gives that homespun cast-iron appeal and solid performance. Renowned for its superior heat retention, cast iron also keeps its cool to serve chilled salads, desserts and cold dishes.
  • The Perfect Outdoor Cookware Because of its extremely high heat retention, cast iron is a versatile material
  • Can be used on almost any heat source-even over a grill or campfire.
  • From pan-fried fish to cornbread, and pizza to bacon and eggs, cast iron skillets, griddles, pans and woks cook up an outdoor feast. This heavy-duty cookware serves up sides, too.
  • Small and portable 5.5"x5.5" Diameter 9" long with a 4" handle