Cantarito De Barro 12 Oz Decorative Artisan Artezenia Jarrito Traditional Authentic Mexican Lead Free Red Clay Loco Margarita Michelada (2 Cantaritos)

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These Cantaritos De Barro are made by craftsman in Mexico and are eco-friendly. These Barro cups are handmade by a local community in Tlalpán, Mexico, where each cup is made out of natural clay, meaning that they are lead free. Each is made with an exceptional artisan quality that has been learned and passed from generation through generation. Each clay cup is approx. 5.0” height x 3” more or less in diameter. As an artisanal handmade product, they may vary slightly in size and shape as each one is handmade showing their own character. They have a 12 oz. capacity per cup. , and the color of the cups depends on how much water they have absorbed with time and the amount of minerals contained on the clay on each cup. Anticipate the little cosmetic imperfections that come with handmade products. Ideally, when the pieces are received, let them soak in natural water for a few hours or, if possible, overnight. The next day they must be dried, and they will be ready to be used. If you choose to wash the cups with soap, you have to let them soak for a while in water. After, cups should be ready to use.These perfect little Barro Jarritos make great and are perfect but not limited to storing and drinking water, they are popular for giving the water a refreshing delicious earthy flavor, thanks to the clay with which it’s made and will at the same time keep your water, or beverage nice and cool for you as well. It can also serve great as a traditional Cantarito Jarrito for your desired refreshing Alcoholic Cock-tail beverages, and recipes. Add a bit of Mexican pottery to your kitchen and table with this gorgeous handmade Cantaritos De Barro. They are each hand-painted in black, red and white with fun and decorative festive Mustaches and Smiles across each Cantarito. The special and authentic hand shaping of the Barro makes them unique in proportion. An element that makes handmade so beautifully perfect.