Bunuelera 4.5” Rosette Traditional Mexican Bunuelo Pastry Maker Cutter Rustic Cast Aluminum 12” Wooden Detachable Handle

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This Mexican Bunuelera ideally for “Buñuelos” (Mexican Pastries) Cast Aluminum tool boasts a 4.5” size Bunuelo Rosette that is detachable, screwed on to the mold with a 12” metal rod and a wooden head 4" handle. The wooden handle made with food grade rustic wood with a roughened texture creates an anti-slip effect to help you stay safe in the kitchen. The 12” metal rod joining the handle to the Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Rosette screws neatly for a firm, reliable connection that will not bend, but offer you optimal leisure. The rosette is made of a heat resistant, non-reactive type of aluminum that delivers peak performance. The Batter will not stick to the mold during use. The Bunuelos surely will come out perfect thanks to the non-stick surface, unlike that of the other flimsy or wiggly alternatives which cannot stand the high temperatures of frying and over time therefore start to break at the base and handle joints. Heat resistance, plus a lightweight and sturdy design make it a must have Kitchen tool to own. With this Cast Aluminum Mexican Bunuelo Pastry Maker will be a great addition to any party. Enjoy preparing these traditional Mexican Pastries for your family and friends for kids and Adults to enjoy alike, Bring this delicious sweet crunchy experience to your next party. Buñuelos may be filled with a variety of things, sweet or savory. They can be round in ball shapes or disc shaped. In Latin America, buñuelos are seen as a symbol of good luck. This Traditional Bunuelera Mexican Pastry Maker is made of Heavy Duty Rustic Cast Aluminum. The Spanish Rosette itself makes 4.5” size Bunuelo’s. It has a detachable, screw on, screw off 12” Metal Rod Handle with 4” Wooden Handle. Item Measures approx 12” L x 4.5” W x 3/4" H. Made in Mexico.