Beer Bottle Beverage Opener 6.5" Beer Design Carta Blanca Corona Extra Indio Cerveza Wooden Handmade Made in Mexico Bar Tool (Corona Extra)

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These Classic Beer Bottle, and beverage openers are handmade and crafted in Mexico. Perfect for on the go, or in your backyard, kitchen, Patio or Bar…they make as good a Bar Tool as they do a piece of Decor. They are beer bottle shaped and designed available in 3 different Variations. Add one or collect all for your home or to add to your bar accessories collection. They come in a Corona Extra Beer Bottle design, a Carta Blanca Beer Bottle design and an Indio Beer Bottle design. They measure approx. 6.5” x 1.5” and are Wooden with a metal opener molded onto it. Made in Mexico.