30Qt Stainless Steel Stock Pot Steamer Vaporera Tamalera 7.5 Gallons Acero NEW

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30 Qt Stainless Steel Stock Pot Steamer 
Vaporera Tamalera 
7.5 Gallons 
The 30 Quart Stainless Steel Tamale and Seafood Steamer Stock Pot is an ideal cooking solution for large family gatherings, reunions, social events or potlucks. 
It is constructed out of heavy-gauge Stainless Steel for ultimate durability and long-term use. The sleek, polished silver finish is stain-resistant and odor-resistant and provides fast, even heat distribution for exceptional results with each use. 
This steamer Stock Pot is equipped with two ergonomic riveted handles for added stability and a firm, comfortable grip so you can transfer it from the stovetop to the counter or table easily and safely. 
The Stainless Steel lid with a thick top handle helps to retain moisture and reduce splatter while cooking. 
This versatile 30-qt steamer also includes a perforated metal divider insert that sits at the bottom to keep food out of the water. This rack can be used for steaming vegetables, tamales and a variety of seafood such as crabs, crab legs, lobster, shrimp and mussels.
Dimensions: 14x14x13.5
Weight: 8.5LB